Behind the Scenes: Tustin Toyota Grand Opening TV Commercial
Behind the Scenes: Tustin Toyota Grand Opening TV Commercial
Submitted by Jesse Springer on 03/26/2012

We produced this thirty-second spot over one night of timelapse shooting and one day of still photography, followed by post-production. Take a look, and then I’ll get on to how we made it happen!

A lot goes into the little odds and ends that create a finished piece like this. For starters, timelapse video is created by taking many still images and combining them into moving video, sped up much faster than the events occurred in real time. Careful management of each camera placement, light intensity and timing is an absolute must, and with the camera moving so slowly, even the slightest shakes or bumps can render the entire shot unusable.

Tustin Toyota - Behind the Scenes Photos

The opening shot in this commercial is created with what’s called “3D camera projection”. The original image I took outside the dealership was captured as one still image. The image is then digitally cut into pieces and positioned in 3D space to create the illusion of a video moving towards the front of the building. The final shot is comprised of eighteen different elements layered together in virtual 3D space. Take a look at the layering step-by-step below.

Here's a little behind the scenes video from the timelapse shoot in the Jewel Box! Please note that the shot I show you here was not included in the final thirty-second commercial.

Our creative department loves thinking far outside the box of traditional television and radio advertising. If your company is blending in with your competition, it's time to take action to clearly stand out. Please give me a call any time, I'd love to explore the creative chasms with you! I can be reached at 714-850-4646.

-Jesse Springer

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