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Competitive Analysis Top 5 Free Tools to Check Out Your Online Competition
Submitted by James Loomstein on 09/29/2011

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Competitive Analysis: Top 5 Free Tools to Check Out Your On-Line Competition

In a business world that moves at the speed of something beyond light, it’s imperative to keep track of what the competition is doing. When news and opinion can transverse the planet and reach an audience size previously unimaginable in a moment, businesses also need to know what people are saying about their brand. And more, learn how to adjust their marketing in response.

Fortunately, in an online environment, there are any number of simple digital tools that can be helpful for unearthing the very information needed to pull ahead of the rest. Accurate social listening and competitive analysis of online data and can assist any sized business to make the best marketing decisions for their company. These free social monitoring tools, SEO analysis sites, and competitor ranking tools will help companies learn what they need to know without requiring any investment besides effort and time.

1. Web CEO Logo
Web CEO – While this program is the free version of a larger suite, it offers more than enough power for smaller websites to gather the information they need to move to the top. WebCEO includes tools to help with analysis of what competitors are doing online and provides a very powerful search ranking and website visibility engine. It also allows companies to track their site’s backlinks, and gives a To Do list for improving a business’ web presence.

2. SEOToolSet Logo
SEOToolset – Offers a number of programs to help with optimizing web pages and tracking the SEO activities of competitors. It has a toolbar that teaches marketers how to understand web statistics, a search engine optimization tool, a server response checker (to check a site’s availability and host reliability), a page analyzer that provides the ability to find the search terms and keywords used on competitors’ websites, and other competitor ranking tools.

3. IWebTool Logo – Gives business owners several easy and helpful free services to analyze their and their competitors search engine statistics, backlinks, page ranks, html optimization, and more.

4. SEOToolSet Logo
Wildfire Social – Provides simple social media monitoring tool that allows a company to compare their performance on Facebook and Twitter with their competitors.

5. SocialMention Logo is a social media monitoring search engine that looks for brands on blogs, blog and website comments, in online media, and other Internet spaces to find not only how many times the company name has been mentioned, but a general sense of where that brand fits into overall trends and how the online public is reacting to the brand, be it positive, neutral or negative. SocialMention allows for a number of levels of social monitoring.

While these free competitor ranking and social listening tools can be enough for Search Engine Optimizers and Marketing Managers to get quite a bit of productive and competitive analysis and social monitoring information to work with, a professional online marketing firm can give a great deal more. Free social monitoring tools offer only so much power and detail, while a company like Omnific goes much farther.


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