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Five Ways to Maximize Facebook Marketing
Submitted by James Loomstein on 10/25/2011
Facebook is quickly becoming the most popular social networking site on the internet, but businesses struggle with how to make money with Facebook. With more than 800 million active users, and more joining each day, Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon. More than just using Facebook to communicate with friends and family, more and more consumers are using social media as a way to connect with their favorite brands, businesses, retailers, non-profits, and organizations. To start, all businesses should have a Facebook fan page as part of their online marketing strategy. More important – you don’t want to be part of the World’s Crappiest Ads.Omnific Facebook Page

Grab a cup of coffee, a pad of paper, and let’s check out five tips on how to maximize your social media strategy.

Users have the ability to "like" your page, enabling them to receive updates automatically from your page. Originally, all Facebook likes would be shared on the fan's wall immediately, effectively providing free advertising to all of that person's friends. The new site redesign implementation changed the way likes are displayed. In order to get the most from your page you should also include valuable content and images that can be shared or re-posted.  The “Top News” section has changed the way pages engage with their community.
Facebook likes are not irrelevant, however: the more people who like your post, the more fans you get who will see your updates and possibly share your brand information. Users will be most likely to "like" a page that offers useful content, interesting or amusing updates, or exclusive deals for fans. Every business should also include a "like us" button on their website. Learn how to - add a Facebook “like” button to your website.
Social media marketing is dependent on SEO and planning. You need to make sure that your page is easy to find and share. Loading your "About Us" text box with keyword-rich terms makes it easy to find your page, but the only way to maintain a loyal fan following is through SEO implementation in your updates themselves. The more links coming in and out of your page, the better your SEO rating. Post links to relevant content on your page, and link to your page from other places on the web. Also, some times of day are likely to generate more hits than others. Planning to post updates on weeknight evenings and mid-morning on weekends yields the best results for many businesses.
For best results, your social media strategy should use email marketing as well. Fans can subscribe to your mailing list, and members on your mailing list can be linked back to your fan page for further updates. By making sure these two strategies feed into each other you can get the most from your online presence.
Learning how to use social media marketing to boost sales and traffic to your business is part of a savvy business plan. The old model of interruption marketing -- obtrusive ads like TV and radio commercials -- is quickly being replaced by interactive and viral methods. If you're not using Facebook to leverage sales, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach buyers, communicate directly with customers, and sell product in a way businesses never could before.

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