google +1 for automotive dealers
Google +1 for Car Dealers
Submitted by Don Glacy on 08/12/2011

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Internet Marketing Solutions for Automotive Dealers | Google +1

What's this whole "Google +1" thing?

"+1's (whatever their source -- organic search, ads, or +1 buttons on publisher sites) is a signal that affects organic search ranking." - Google

Internet marketing is undoubtedly core to competitive automobile sales. Internet marketing accounts for 50% of total new car sales for online-savvy dealerships (Dallas News). The challenge when it comes to creating automotive and car dealer internet marketing solutions is accurately sourcing, and identfying, the leads and transactions.

Google +1 is an answer to an exponentially growing web of content with a finite algorithm that can’t keep up. Google to-date has relied on its complex algorithm to index content and make it highly relevant to your search queries. However, due to mass adoption of the search medium and new SPAM campaigns starting every minute of every day, Google’s results are being diluted. So far, Google has been the only one that deems what is relevant.

Google +1 is a fundamental shift in how Google search will deliver content to you. With a +1 ranking, certain pages will now rise in results not just based on what Google thinks, but what you and your customers think about it. Just like serves news articles based on popularity, your content on Google will now be ranked based on popularity. Think of this as a paradigm shift when creating your automotive marketing campaigns, and internet marketing solutions.

As you may know, the marketing funnel has a large component of search engine marketing, organic and paid. Here are the facts about Internet marketing for auto dealers:

  1. Automotive dealers should receive most of their leads from their own website
  2. The highest closing ratio leads come from the auto dealer’s own website
  3. The highest contributing traffic source to a auto dealers website is search; up to 75% of all visits
  4. Of search traffic, Google is the overwhelming source; up to 80%
  5. Of Google traffic, 80% of all clicks come from organic search results, 20% from paid (
  6. Google is changing the game with +1

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The opportunity this presents to auto dealers creating their internet marketing strategy is to be actively engaged in valuable content marketing. The more content you can generate that gets popular, the better your overall SEO rankings will become. This is not much different than before Google +1, however your dealership will benefit when users find your content valuable. To benefit from Google +1 dealers should be doing the following:

  1. Create video and post to YouTube- It’s the most consumed media on the Internet but is also the most under-utilized tool for dealers to get great long-term SEO value. With Google +1 now associated with YouTube videos, this is a prime opportunity.
  2. Add +1 Widget to content - As you create more content in your blogs and web-pages you can allow your users to +1 the content. See this post on how you can add +1 to your site.
  3. Logs & pages - Google was created to find, sort, and rank content for doctoral thesis students. The platform still functions like a thesis paper engine in that the most relevant results are the ones that have the most relevant and consistent publishing of new content. The more Google sees you creating content the more they will treat you as an authority in your category: auto dealers.

For more information on how Google +1 can benefit your dealership or for help with your content strategy contact or call Don Glacy at 714.850.4646. Want more from our digital agency? Follow us on Twitter and "like us" on Facebook.

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