Paparazzi management and Omnific celebrity endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements & Paparazzi Management

Personality Endorsements and Celebrity Endorsements

Pictured left to right: Manny Pacquiao, Natasha Alam, Ryan Seacrest, Jose Luis, Hulk Hogan

Omnific Celebrity Endorsements & Paparazzi Management

Over the past two decades, Omnific has maintained relationships with many A-list actors, singers, radio and TV personalities, entertainers and performers. Through working with celebrities and their agents, Omnific has cultivated relationships based on trust and respect.

From drafting and maintaining contracts to planning, coordinating and executing photo and video shoots, Omnific carefully represents each client's interest and brand while remaining sensitive and respectful to the celebrities we partner with.

Omnific Paparazzi Management magazines and publications with celebrity endorsed partnershipsOmnific is also the pioneer for "Paparazzi Management". By partnering with photographers, celebrities, entertainers and publishers, the Omnific network brings our clients to the top of pop-culture mind. Utilizing cross promotions and our contracts with celebrities, Omnific clients are associated with an event or a particular celebrity's lifestyle to carefully bring a product or brand to print, the web and social media without the use of blatant advertising.

If you are interested in seeing which celebrities may be an effective match for your brand, please contact Angela Rigdon at 714-850-4646.