Corporate Soundscapes what does your brand sound like?

Corporate Soundscapes

Corporate Soundscapes

Corporate Soundscapes™ - What does your brand sound like?

Corporate Soundscapes™ gives a sonic personality to your visual identity, providing short, memorable melodies which can be easily associated with the brand identification of a product or corporation.

To remember a company’s visual branding, a consumer must be actively looking and paying attention, but with sonic branding, a consumer can make an association without even thinking about it. An audio cue can prompt consumers to feel good or bad, to buy or to sell. True brand recognition is pinnacle, and it can only be achieved by reaching consumers on as many sensory levels as possible – with a marriage of sight and sound. Corporate Soundscapes will provide this acoustic equivalent of a product or company’s visual logo.

Corporate Soundscapes™ will identify and manufacture the acoustic equivalent of your visual logo so you can be identified and remembered. With this perfect sensory appeal, your consumers will respond to you – not the competition.

To see what Corporate Soundscapes™ is all about, download our one-sheet and contact us with inquiries: 714.850.4646.