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What is Omnific Media Buying?

Since 1991, Omnific has been a pioneer in media management and placement, brokering deals for our clients with nearly every media outlet around the United States.

The Marketing Dilemma

With new emerging media and the current economic downturn, an ROI using 100% traditional media is inadequate. Consumers shop differently and expect a creative media presence in social media. Text messaging, email marketing, video testimonials and audiovisual stimuli have evolved to become vital for many growing businesses.  Find out what marketing channels are right for you by requesting a complimentary media assessment by emailing us at

The Omnific Success Model

Omnific maintains close relationships with executives and AE’s at nearly every radio station, television network, cable company, and more. Once Omnific creates media, Omnific will utilize its close relationships with media outlets to leverage bulk buys and boost ROI and visibility.

Internet Media

Advertising retail clients in the past has been successfully accomplished using traditional media. Now, online tools can be coupled with traditional media to build brand reputation and consumer interest. Using promotions of specific interest to the consumer gives them a reason to choose one retail business over the other (targeted SMS and email campaigns, online promotions, microsites, etc.) Visibility and reputation are key.  

Omnific has managed hundreds of major search engine marketing and internet advertising campaigns for local and national advertisers. Omnific produces clear, precise and detailed reporting for each campaign. Omnific works with each client to provide a detailed plan prior to launching search engine marketing or social media advertising.


How We Work

Omnific believes there are multiple approaches to each media campaign. While one approach may be stronger than another, there is always a perfect balance, a sweet spot, somewhere right in the middle. Omnific finds that balance with each media endeavor.