Pandora Internet Radio Advertising

Pandora Internet Radio Advertising

Advertise on Pandora with Omnific

Are you reaching the listeners that have turned off traditional radio and turned-on internet radio?  Advertise on Pandora today and reach your customer in a new and personal way.  

Pandora is the next generation of radio. Created by the Music Genome Project™, Pandora is an internet or smart phone radio platform which allows listeners to create their own stations, based on a specific artist, song or album that they like. The Music Genome Project™ then delivers a stream of music similar to the artist or song the listener has expressed interest in.

Omnific’s unique Pandora partnership allows us to deliver a message via the numerous Pandora advertising elements, including in-stream audio ads (from concept to distribution), banner ads on smart phones, internet devices and computers, click-to-call banner ads for direct response campaigns, complete and comprehensive tracking, and much more.  Client buy Pandora ads for two main reasons:  targetability and interactive ads.  It's unlike your regular radio ad buy and so are the results.

Omnific works with our clients to assess ROI feasibility, and if Pandora meets the needs of a client’s sales goals, we will develop campaigns, scripts, banner artwork, and manage the best interests of each client with our Pandora affiliates.

Contact Don Glacy, Omnific Operations Director, at 714-850-4646, or to determine if Pandora is right for your business.