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Corporate Soundscapes

Corporate Soundscapes™ - What does your brand sound like?

Corporate Soundscapes™ gives a sonic personality to your visual identity. True brand recognition is pinnacle, and it can only be achieved by reaching consumers on as many sensory levels as possible – with a marriage of sight and sound.

Corporate Soundscapes™ will identify and manufacture the acoustic equivalent of your visual logo so you can be identified and remembered. With this perfect sensory appeal, your consumers will respond to you – not the competition.

To see what Corporate Soundscapes™ is all about, download our one-sheet. - Better, faster content for your dealer website.

Built by automotive marketers with over 20 years in the industry, is the Auto Industries first Content Delivery System for factory . We automate the creative, legal, and administration processes to deliver your ads to your website within 48 hours of the factory announcements of new incentives.

In addition to automating dealer incentives the display suite helps you manage your vehicle specials: new, pre-owned, and leased.

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enGage LLC

enGage – Get your company back into the conversation

We’ve gone from a world where things are no longer sold to you – sold to you by a salesperson representing a company, selling a product that has been advertised to you. It used to be that if you saw an ad for a product or service and you wanted more information you had to contact that business. That business employed a salesperson who then proceeded to control the conversation about that product; about the brand; and influenced your buying decision.

We’ve gone to a world where things are bought – bought by consumers who, by the time they have 99% of the information they need and are ready to purchase, they contact the company and only need a what…? A price. No selling, no conversation, just a price and a mechanism to buy. Facebook, Myspace, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, and countless others are places where these conversations are taking place and you, the company are no longer in control of the purchasing process.

What’s the problem with that shift? The company, the brand, the salesperson is no longer involved in the conversation where the buying decision is made.

enGage gets you back in the conversation. We offer the worlds first Online Image Management System that gets you, the brand, back in the conversation as a peer; a peer that influences the customer’s perception, information, and experience about your brand and product.

When you are back in the conversation you will resume control of the purchasing process, your sales will increase, and you will be simultaneously building your brand image.